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home : life : travel October 3, 2015

Voluntourism 101: How to travel and make a difference
(BPT) - Have you ever wondered if there’s more to a vacation than amusement parks and beachside sunsets? Do you dream of immersing yourself in a culture, all while impacting the people as much as they impact you? If so, volunteering while vacationing — also known as voluntourism —... More >>

Travel light and don't let the bed bugs bite this season
(BPT) - The remaining warm-weather months of the year are perfect for travel. However, travelers who aren’t careful could find their trip leaves them with a few hundred extra - and unwanted - guests.New research from the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) and the University... More >>

Fire safety tips to help protect your home during summer travel
(BPT) - Fire prevention tips often focus on reducing the risks of a fire occurring when you’re home; after all, everyone wants to protect their family. Home fires also cause significant property damage – $11.7 billion in 2011, according to the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) – and... More >>

Top five reasons to visit the Rock Hall [Infographic]
(BPT) - As the world's only museum devoted to rock and roll, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum chronicles the history of the primary cultural movement of our time. Featuring millions of items that span every decade of rock and roll history, the museum is the only place on earth you’... More >>

Are You Prepared to Take a 30-Year Vacation?
(BPT) - Summer is vacation season. However, before the week or two of fun begins comes the hard part – planning and packing. There are so many things to consider depending on the type of experience a person wants to have and what they need to bring along.Now picture preparing for a 30-year va... More >>

Traveling Abroad? Get Vaccinated Against Hepatitis A
(BPT) - Hepatitis A cases are on the rise, according to new data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Hepatitis A is common in many parts of the world, even in popular tourist destinations such as Mexico, most other countries in Central and South America and some Caribb... More >>

Your summertime packing guide: just the essentials
(BPT) - For many, summer trips are the perfect escape from an otherwise busy life. They offer the opportunity to experience new places, taste new foods and generally de-stress! This summer, don’t get bogged down by the thought of preparing for a trip. Keep it simple by packing everything you ... More >>

4 reasons traveling to Suzhou China is the trip of a lifetime
(BPT) - Travelers looking to take one more trip this year understand that now’s the time to pick a destination. It’s time to go somewhere unique, somewhere unseen, somewhere a world away where the people, the experiences and the memories gained will last a lifetime. Suzhou, located... More >>

A year later, Raju's independence remains strong
(BPT) - Everyone cherishes a particular independence day. Brazilians celebrate their independence from Portugal September 7 and the Japanese celebrate their independence on February 11. For the Finnish, December 6 marks the day they became independent from Russia in 1917.In the United States, Indep... More >>

6 Ways to 'Cure' Your Summer Wanderlust
(BPT) - Summer is finally here, which means the strong desire to travel and explore is likely at an all-time high! Need some inspiration to stop daydreaming and lock in your next summer adventure? Here are six exciting ways to ‘cure’ your wanderlust and take advantage of the peak travel... More >>

New seekender trend helps consumers pack dream travel into just one weekend
(BPT) - Americans don’t take enough time off: that’s the consensus of multiple studies on vacation time and how Americans use it – or don’t use it. Unused vacation days cost American workers more than $52 billion a year and have left companies on the hook for $224 billion of... More >>

What Drives Your Road Trip? [Infographic]
(BPT) - Are you heading out on the open road this summer? It’s difficult to know where to start when planning and packing for a road trip. What type of hotel will fit your travel style best? What types of clothes will be the most sensible to pack? Should you hit the beach or stop at one of Am... More >>

Drink up; the world's largest glass of ice tea is created in Summerville, South Carolina
(BPT) - The world’s largest ball of twine is in Darwin, Minnesota. The world’s largest bicyclist is in Sparta, Wisconsin. And now the home of the world’s largest glass of ice tea is officially Summerville, South Carolina, fittingly the birthplace of sweet tea.The world-record sett... More >>

Hoteliers checking into extended stay
(BPT) - ... More >>

Tips for reclaiming some grown-up fun on family road trips
(BPT) - On family road trips, do you spend the entire drive listening to the music your kids prefer, playing their favorite games and generally doing everything you can to keep them content – and peaceful – in the car? It happens with the best intentions, but too often parents sacrifice... More >>

5 money tips for safe international travel
(BPT) - When you picture your dream vacation, where do you go? Do you lay on the beach in Mexico? Climb the Alps in Switzerland, go fishing in Canada or explore the amazing wildlife of Australia? Do you see the Great Wall in China or travel on safari in Africa? Any of these exciting adventures coul... More >>

Travel of the future: Bold predictions by the year 2030 [Infographic]
(BPT) - Picture the last extended trip you took. You probably hitched a ride to the airport, checked in at a kiosk using your hard copy ID, and when you arrived at your destination you may have checked out the hotel fitness room. Now picture how that trip will look in the year 2030. A new survey fr... More >>

Summer travel heats up: He says, she says
(BPT) - From planning and budgeting to daily activities and dream vacations, men and women interpret travel goals and roles differently than their partners. A new survey by Chase Ultimate Rewards found that while 53 percent of couples are more inclined to travel this summer than last summer, men an... More >>

Summer vacation fun is bigger and better in Texas
(BPT) - Summer has arrived in Texas, which means it’s time for a vacation. From soaking up the sun on the Texas coast to diving into the cool clear waters of a swimming hole, from outdoor adventures to amusement park thrills, there is no shortage of fun in the Lone Star State. Thanks to recen... More >>

Get the most out of the sunny summer solstice
(BPT) - An evening spent with friends. The drive home from work or that early morning jog. All of these activities are best enjoyed when the sun is shining. The summer solstice is quickly approaching and with it, come the longest, brightest days of the year. It’s up to you to make the most of... More >>

6 must-have auto products for the summer
(BPT) - Summer is a great time to get up off the couch and soak up the sun. As you stock up on sunscreen and prepare to protect your skin from the direct sunlight, be sure to pick up products to protect your vehicle as well. Whether you’re taking the car out for a summer road trip, a day at t... More >>

Technology must haves before you travel
(BPT) - Good news, there’s still time for one more trip before winter sets in again but you need to start planning now. Preparing for and enjoying a trip has never been easier thanks to advancements in the latest technology so before you grab your bag and go, make sure you’ve added each... More >>

5 ways people with diabetes can prepare to travel anywhere
(BPT) - For people all across the country, this is peak travel season. The weather is beautiful and there’s still room to squeeze one or two more trips in before cooler weather. Don’t let managing diabetes stop you from making a plan and taking a trip!Diabetes shouldn’t be a barri... More >>

10 must-see Southeastern cities to turn your summer move into a rolling vacation
(BPT) - Summer’s here, and while other people are planning and taking summer vacations, you’re getting ready to move. People choose to move during the summer months for many reasons, some of which include that the kids are out of school and the weather is often more cooperative. In fact... More >>

Find fabulous fall foliage in a whole new way this year
(BPT) - For families that like to travel and experience the beauty of nature, this is the perfect time of year. Cooler temperatures and vivid fall colors make for memorable and amazing sight-seeing opportunities. Most regions of the country have an area known for providing a vivid display of fall c... More >>

5 essentials for your best summer yet
(BPT) - There’s no better way to savor the last few days of warm weather than with a fun trip. As you prepare for family vacations before kids head back to school, it’s important to make sure you have the proper essentials to ensure a hassle free trip.As you throw those last few items i... More >>

5 smart summer travel tips to savor every second of your vacation
(BPT) - Summer getaways are supposed to be fun, relaxing and filled with memorable experiences. But it’s all too easy for stress and hassle to get in the way of your good times. Banish the road-trip blues with these five easy travel tips and maximize your fun, sun, and relaxation this summer.... More >>

Missed out on summer vacation? There's still time to relax and unwind this fall
(BPT) - Summer is supposed to be the season for vacation and relaxation, but if you were too busy to take time off, you’re not alone. More than 40 percent of Americans didn’t use their paid time off (PTO) in 2014, according to Project: Time Off, a study by the U.S. Travel Association. B... More >>

From auto aromatherapy to planning ahead: 7 tips for a calmer commute
(BPT) - The majority of Americans drive to work — 86 percent, according to the U.S. Census Bureau —and it’s probably safe to say that all of them have been irritated by the commute at some point. Heavy volume, clogged roads, construction delays, bad weather and inconsiderate fello... More >>

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